Exploring the Wonderful Country of Ecuador

Travelling to Ecuador? It pays to know some facts about this country before you go here.   Here are some trivia that you should check visiting this wonderful city.

Ecuador is the nearest nation to space.

You may figure the nearest point on Earth to space would be Mount Everest, however you’d not be right. The explanation has to do with the way that the Earth is anything but an ideal circle. On account of its revolution, it swells marginally at the equator. That implies that—all things being—equivalent, the equator is nearer to space and farther from the focal point of the Earth than elsewhere.

Ecuador is the solitary country on the planet named after a topographical element.

The authority name of Ecuador is República del Ecuador, which in a real sense signifies “The Republic of the Equator.” The equator goes through the nation and, truth be told, there’s an enormous landmark around 45 minutes from Quito where you can remain in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

Ecuador has the world’s first UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

At the primary UNESCO World Heritage gathering in 1978, 32 locales were in the debut list. Every World Heritage Site has a number and site #1 is the Galapagos Islands and #2 is the City of Quito.

Ecuador had a long-standing boundary struggle with Peru.

For quite a long time, Peru and Ecuador conflicted over where the line between the two nations was to be drawn. In 1941, battling broke out and it was finished by the Rio Protocol. Battling broke out once more, notwithstanding, in 1981 and 1995. Last boundary of the line and end of the contention happened in 1999.

Ecuador was once gotten together with Colombia and Venezuela.

From 1822 to 1830, Ecuador was essential for the country of Gran Colombia which included Colombia and Venezuela. In the wake of acquiring freedom from Spain, Ecuador joined Gran Colombia, yet the venture before long self-destructed and Ecuador turned into a republic in 1830.