A lovely vacation in Ecuador

Ecuador may be a relatively small country, but it holds loads of amazing experiences for travelers to enjoy. There are so many awesome things to do in Ecuador to fill weeks or even months of travel! The vast diversity of landscapes lends to so many different places to visit all throughout the country.

So if you are planning to visit this beautiful country, here are some things that you should know for a wonderful vacation.

Amazing things to do in Ecuador 

Cruise to Galapagos Island – Ecuador is a great jump-off point  to the Galapagos island.

Climb a volcano – there are many volcanoes around the place and fortunately, they are safe to trek provided that you have the technical skills to do it. 

Trek to the Glaciers of the Cotopaxi Volcano – This snow-capped Volcán Cotopaxi is one of the tallest dynamic volcanoes on the planet! It is also the 2nd most elevated point in Ecuador – about 5,897 meters high to be exact. That is a rise of about 3.6 miles in elevation!

Explore Ecuador’s UNESCO-listed Historic Centers: Quito & Cuenca – Bring your family and enrich yourself with the culture of Ecuador through various things you can see

Straddle the Equator in Quito – Visiting  Equador, also known as Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the World), is as simple as a couple of transport rides, or a quicker however costlier taxi ride, from the explorer neighborhood of La Mariscal. 

Shop at Otavalo Market – Otavalo Market, situated around a three-hour transport ride north of Quito, is South America’s biggest marketplace.It’s the ideal spot to rehearse your wheeling and dealing aptitudes while getting a couple of legitimate trinkets for your loved ones at home.

Must-Try Food in Ecuador

Here are some of the best traditional dishes that you should try when you’re in Ecuador.

• Locro de papa – Potato Stew

• Cuy asado –Roasted Guinea Pig

• Llapingachos – Fried potato pancakes

• Churrasco ecuatoriano –Ecuadorian grilled meat

• Mote pillo – Hominy and scrambled eggs

• Ceviche de camarón –raw shrimp cocktail

Tips for a wonderful vacation in Ecuador

• Ecuador will challenge you physically just to capture experience and see what it offers. Tour at your pace unless you’re trained for extreme adventures.

• The wildlife in Ecuador is quite harsh and intimidating – the anacondas roam the Amazon and can be dangerous.

• Don’t go alone if you’re not familiar with the places yet. Have a trusted companion that will guide you the way.

• The weather here is unpredictable so always be prepared. Bring anything that will help you like a folding umbrella in case it rains or sun visor if the weather is hot.  

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