A Mini-Guide to Traveling in Malaysia

Malaysia is definitely one of the most unique places in the world. Aside from the diversity of culture, it is a haven of iconic tourist spots you’ve never seen before. While a lot of people go here to immerse in the rich cultural heritage some people come here for fashion, religious traditions, and festivals. So if you are coming to Malaysia, here is a mini guide we believe would be useful for your trip.

Planning Your Trip to Malaysia

The best time to visit Malaysia is during summer. Kuala Lumpur gets plenty of rain throughout the year, especially during the monsoon season. If you want to go somewhere in Penang and Langkawi, you can enjoy better weather between December and February. Most people here are fluent in English so don’t have to worry about learning the language first before going there. Nevertheless, it still  pays to know some greetings in Malay.

What to Eat and Drink

When it comes to food, you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to get the best of Malaysia. Malaysia brings its culture into their food and if you want a taste of the real Malaysian culture, you can stop by the Kopitiams or coffee shops. Local coffee is the best and usually served together with inexpensive such as roti dishes.  Don’t forget to try some Malaysian-Indian food in family-run eateries.

Where to Stay

 Malaysia offers a wide range of accommodations from luxury to budget-friendly hotels. However, determining what your purpose is in coming to this country will help you decide on where to stay. If you want to eat and shop, you may consider some glitzy hotels near Bukit Bintang. Smaller and cheaper hotels can be found near Chinatown with a little rustic and grungy charm. If you want ease of transportation, you would rather consider staying close to KL Sentral, which is the heart of Malaysia’s rail network.

What to Expect Upon Arriving to Malaysia

The people in Malaysia are culture-sensitive. While a trip to Malaysia is like any other vacation, it is wise to be polite. Observe some rules and void using your left hand when interacting with other people as it is kind of rude to the locals. To be safe, just use your right hand when waving, paying, or even making some gestures.

When eating in restaurants, you don’t have to tip the waiters. Giving tips is not customary in Malaysia. If you want to go shopping right away, you can go to Jalan Petaling in Chinatown and Pasar Seni where you can find a lot of cheaper items. Plus you don’t have to pay the first price you’re given as they expect you to haggle!

The Best of New York City

New York City is full of life. The people, society, entertainment, and also visitor attractions are just spectacular. Site visitors in this city will certainly leave yearning for a lot more. There are a lot of things to do in New York city. So much, in fact, that proper planning can make a difference in how much you get to see. We went with friends and family who help us run our business (Chandler Towing Services) and we recommend you travel to this giant city with friends as well. There are millions of people walking around and you definitely want to plan for safety. Here are our favorite top 5 places to visit in New York.

Empire State Building

This is the most iconic building in NYC, and a visit to this city will never be complete if you don’t make a stop here. The state-of-art design has made the building to be labeled as the most famous office in the universe. Spare some time to check out the artistic lobby area and the beautifully decorated ceiling. While in the perched 1000 feet on the observation deck, you will have a bird’s view of the streets below. 

Statue of Liberty

It is a symbol of freedom and people from different corners of the universe always assume that it is a national symbol of the United States. The good news is that the statue is in New York. If you are this City, you should make haste to visit the New York Harbor, where the Statue is located. The magical scenery at Liberty Island will not be enough to satisfy your curiosity. The “Liberty Enlightening the World” statue can only be accessed by ferry. 

American Museum

The American Museum of Natural History was voted as the best tourist attraction in New York City. The museum will answer all your questions regarding the origin of man and even the state of the universe during the prehistoric times. The questions regarding theories of evolution and the existence of dinosaurs will be answered in the museum. The Museum houses millions of specimens and artifacts that give a hint about evolution. 

Central Park

Located in the middle of Manhattan, the park occupies 843 acres of land. If you feel that you can’t stay in your room anymore or would like to have a fulfilling afternoon, this is the place to go. There are lots of fulfilling activities that you can do while here. You can take a walk around the park, jog, ice skate play chess and even do some fishing. The park has designated quiet areas where visitors can go and relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the area.

9/ 11 Memorial

The dark memories of September 11, 2001, attack are preserved in this park. New York City bore the brunt of the attacks as at least three thousand people perished, thousands were maimed, and many buildings were destroyed during the attack. At the park, you will be able to view the twin reflecting pools that are strategically located near the twin towers. You can also walk around the park and view different artifacts that have been displayed. Near the pool are names of those who died in the attack. A visit to the park will make you reflect on how the Americans came together to conquer the challenge at hand.

New York City has some of the amazing places that both the locals and tourists should visit. However, if time is not on your side or you are operating on a limited budget, the above are the top places to visit in New York. They are ideal for all situations, whether you would like to visit alone or with your whole family. During your visits, ensure that you explore the area or the sites fully.

Seeing The Bahamas!

The Bahamas has numerous islands. The famous places to visit are, Grand Bahama, and Paradise Island, home to many large-scale hotels, are among the best attractions. Scuba diving and snorkeling sites include the massive Andros Barrier Reef, Thunderball Grotto and the black-coral gardens off Bimini.


The island comprises of the North Bimini and South Bimini along with several cays. Replete with fascinating history, Bimini Island assumes significant tourist attraction amongst the inquisitive travelers. It hosts several deep-sea fishing tournaments and is called, ‘Big Game Fishing Capital of The Bahamas’.

Cabbage beach

The best Bahamas beaches are Cabbage Beach. This beach is an amazing place for sunbathers and sand-castle builders. The bright, calm waters are just awesome for swimming and snorkeling. Casinos, restaurants, and hotels line the beach. 

Elbow Cay

Elbow Cay is an old English Loyalist settlement found in the Abacos, a 120-mile lengthy chain of islands. Owing to its historical heritage, this visitor destination radiates the appeal of a New England-style angling village. Built-in 1862, candy-striped Elbow Reef Lighthouse has actually become a popular site in Hope Town. At 89 feet elevation, this lighthouse differentiates itself to be among the by hand-operated lighthouses in the world.

Blue Lagoon Island

This is a private island located 5 km from Nassau, Bahamas and serves as a local tourist destination. You can swim here in the calm lagoon, enjoy on the beach, water sports, feast on a grilled lunch, sip refreshing tropical drinks, or do nothing but watch the coconut palms sway as you lounge in a hammock.

Lucayan National Park

Lucayan National Park filled with mangrove, palm and pine trees, the park also contains excellent white sand beaches, amazing Gold Rock Creek and one of the longest underwater limestone caves in the world. You can do cave exploration where you will see the attractive rock formations in the caves and kayaking down a mangrove-lined creek.

Andros Island

Andros Island is an outstanding place for a wedding or honeymoon, but for eco-travelers, kayakers, bird watchers, hikers, snorkelers, divers and fishers the big island of The Bahamas is a great place to take a tour. 

Paradise island Outdoor Aquarium

This is the Atlantis resort in Paradise Island home to 200 marine species like sharks, jellyfish, green eels, and lobsters, to name a few. This famous tourist destination has 11 exhibit lagoons, where visitors can see different types of marine animals. The Acrylic tunnels that undermine the sea creatures’ habitat enable visitors to see piranhas, lobsters, jellyfish, sharks, giant groupers. You can enjoy many other animals as well in their natural habitats.

Top 5 Reasons to Explore Turquoise Coast, Turkey

It’s Cheap

The pound’s presently strong against the Turkish Lira. As a matter of fact, while the cost of vacations to one of the most prominent destinations has actually increased by around 6 percent, Turkey has actually thrown the trend. Family members that head to Turkey’s sunny shores will invest, usually, just ₤ 47 per day, done in. 

Best Beaches

The court’s out on the origins of the Blue-green Coast’s name – some think it’s a nod to the presence of the gemstone turquoise, while others claim it’s down to the intense turquoise hue of its waters. Its coastlines are splendidly varied, although a few of our faves can be discovered near the eastern village of Çıralı, where you can swim with turtles in the imposing darkness of Mount Olympos. The resorts of Kaş, as well as Kalkan, are recognized for their family-friendly stretches of sand, while the semi-enclosed lagoon at Ölüdeniz is one of the most magnificent spots to layout your sun towel.

Fantastic Resorts

A few years back, tourists to this component of Turkey didn’t have much selection when it pertained to lodging, however, just recently a variety of fantastic homes have opened, varying from shop resorts to stretching family-friendly hotels. The rise in visitor numbers has actually additionally seen more resorts opening year-round.

Some Crucial Ruins

Visit Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia as well as it’s highly likely you’ll be whacked on the head with a selfie stick within an issue of mins. Not so at the Turquoise Coastline’s most renowned damages, where you’ll usually have whole historical sites all to yourself. Here some of Turkey’s most important historical treasures have actually been discovered, including a solid gold vase currently on display at the British Museum.

Water Sports 

Whether it’s waterskiing, diving or windsurfing, the Blue-green Coast has actually long been a mecca for adrenaline addicts. An excellent beginning point is Fethiye in Muğla Province. Sign up for a paragliding session and you’ll drift over the beautiful Blue Lagoon, or take a boat scenic tour of the little islands simply offshore. The Hillside Coastline Club is just one of the greatest water sports operators, providing everything from kayak hire to waterskiing sessions. 

There is no doubt that this might not be considered as one of the most essential marketing points for some, yet where else can you remain in a revolving hotel? The 24-room loft section of the Marmara Antalya rotates, guaranteeing you’ll never ever find bored of the sight. Just as uncommon is the nearby Adam & Eve, which owners assert has even more mirrors in its areas than any various other hotels. It’s additionally got the world’s longest swimming pool.

Visiting Washington DC: Here’s how to Escape Tourist Crowds

Washington D.C receives approximately 22 million visitors every year. The National Cherry Blossom Festival in spring alone attracts about of 1.5 million people. With so many remarkable sights and attractions, there is no doubt a Washington DC experience a huge tourist crowd. It can be quite challenging to explore all of the city’s attractions among the hordes of people all over the place trying to pose for pictures, finding their way to the metro line, or crowding around popular sights. Here’s how you can escape the huge crowds in Washington DC during your trip. 

Avoid Visiting during Peak Tourist Times

Peak tourist times are usually characterized by higher hotel rates and huge crowds around popular attractions in Washington DC. Timing is everything. Avoid visiting during the National Cherry Blossom festival in spring, Memorial Day weekend, Spring Break, Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas. Plan to visit during weekdays as there are usually less crowds across city attractions. The shoulder travel season has fewer crowds and is more budget friendly.

Tour Monuments at Night

Whether you’re in Washington DC during the peak or off-peak season, keep in mind that many of memorials and monuments are open twenty four hours a day. You can choose to visit them early in the morning to later at night, when the crowds are fewer. Going at night would mean missing the throngs of families and group tours, however. 

Hang with the Locals

Most people believe they can find great meals only at those overly promoted lavish restaurants in Washington DC. What they don’t know is that they can still get delicious food and an authentic taste of some local cuisine at more relaxed places around the city. Throughout the urban area you’ll find local bars, brewpubs, art spaces, and independently owned restaurants with incredible food. Be sure to interact with the locals around these places as you enjoy dinner and get served some superior cocktails. 

Avoid the Fashion Center at Pentagon City

One thing you’ll realize as soon as you hit the Fashion Center at Pentagon City is that the shopping center is a trap for visiting youths and high school students. Why would you have to put up with the huge crowds at the shopping center when you can have a good time at the National Mall? Be sure to grab a meal at one the city’s famous restaurants at the mall. 

See Chery Blossoms at the LBL Memorial grove

You don’t have to fight or push your way through the crowds around the Tidal Basin to see the cherry blossoms. As mentioned, the National Cherry Blossom Festivals draws over a million people to the nation’s capital. You can still take in the scenic waterfront views of the cherry blossoms from the LBL Memorial Grove. Built in honor of America’s 36th president, the LBL Memorial grove is a quite oasis where you can still enjoy breathtaking views of the famous cherry blossoms. 

In conclusion, it’s possible to escape the crowds in Washington DC during your vacation. Other places that will help you escape the crowds include the Washington National Cathedral, the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn and Freer Gallery. Book your tickets to the National Museum of African American History and Culture in advance if you want to avoid the line.