The Best Hotels in Rome

Rome is one of the most visited countries in the world.  Almost everything in Rome is a work of art and the small-town charm is what everybody is after. So if you’re planning to visit this country, here is a list of beautiful hotels where you can stay.

Charme Spagna Boutique Hotel

Located in the historical centre of Rome, this boutique hotel offers a comfortable accommodation with two terraces. Since it is just a few meters away from the Spanish Steps, it is an ideal hotel for anybody who is looking for an accommodation near this area. Even though there are bustling shopping streets nearby, the rooms in the hotel are seemingly soundproof. Rest assured that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Hotel Paolo II

Hotel Paolo II is a bit more secluded with its prime location in a quiet courtyard in Rome. You can choose this hotel if you want to be near some tourist attractions like the Vatican Museum. The hotel is also just 1.6 kilometres away from Ottaviano Metro and many other facilities like shops and restaurants. The rooms in the hotel are cozy and clean. If you want easy access to the city, this hotel would be ideal.

Princeps Boutique Hotel

Princeps Boutique Hotel is nestled on the upper floors of Rome’s Monti district, a historic and well-known edifice in Rome. Although it is quite close to the city, the rooms are quiet and comfortable. Thanks to the sound proofing features installed in all bedrooms. The rooms are very clean and the comfort rooms as well. There is free WiFi access for all guests. The staff were very friendly.

Infinity Hotel

Infinity Hotel is another hotel that is quite close to the Spanish Steps.  Everything here is lovely and you will love the rustic ceiling in every room. It fuses contemporary design and old Romanian architecture making it very unique.  Infinity Hotel offers free WiFi all throughout and an international breakfast is also served daily.

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